Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthdays and Cupcakes and Candles, Oh My!

*I wrote this back last August, I think. A little late, but wanted to post it anyway. I will probably be doing this a lot, since I am about 2 years late on writing this blog. Lots of blanks to fill in!*
Sooo... Welcome to my blog! This is my first post so we'll see how this goes. I really have no idea what I'm doing and I don't have this blog thing figured out yet, but a few things have happened lately that I wanted to write about before I forget so I figured I'd go ahead and draft a post and just publish it once I get this going! Last weekend my parents went on their third or fourth trip to Pensacola, FL this summer (such jetsetters, lol!) to visit with some of my dad's family and when they got back Monday night Sophie and I were waiting on them with a cake to celebrate my mom's 65th birthday!!! It was so sweet... Sophie put all 20 (a whole pack- we didn't go for the full 65!) candles in the cake, one by one (and mostly upside down) and then helped my mom blow the candles out after we sang Happy Birthday. It was very cute. We made her a fudge brownie cake and wrote "Happy Birthday Nana" in hot pink icing. My parents always bring the kids goodies when they go on trips. They brought Sophie these fabulous little silver slippers fit for a princess and she loved them! Here are some pictures....

Thursday was my dad's birthday and he got to spend it with his favorite person.... Sophie! I was "working" so my parents kept Sophie that day. They went to Millington and visited Uncle Paul (my mom's brother) and Aunt Jeannie, then went to Aunt Zane's (my mom's sister) and Uncle Joe's for a visit. Aunt Zane and Uncle Joe have a young dog named Charlie and my mom said Sophie looooved him. She is pretty funny with dogs and really any domestic animals she comes in contact with. When our dogs are loose in the house she spends all her time chasing them in a bent over position because she is trying to catch them and hug them. They always manage to stay one step ahead of her, but it's really funny to watch! She loves (to torture) my cat, also. Poor Kitty...

Anyway, back to my dad's birthday... Sophie gave him a homemade card that she worked very hard on with a handwritten poem on the back. He absolutely LOVED it! I love making homemade cards for people. They're nothing fantastic, but I love doing little crafts and I figure it means more if you spend the time to make it. Plus, it's FUN! The best thing about it is... when I make one and it's supposed to be from Sophie, it really does look like a child made it because my skills are not very advanced, so it's very believable! We also made and brought cupcakes for my dad's birthday and Sophie of course put all the candles in and helped blow them out. She is now a pro at this. Anyway, this is the poem she wrote for my dad...

"My Papa"   By Sophie Grace

I have a Papa who is the best
He is better than all the rest!
He takes me out to Cheesy Chuck's
He even buys me remote control trucks!
We sit in his chair and share ice cream
I'm tellin' you, my Papa's better than a dream!
When I want to have fun, I go to him
We laugh and play... sometimes even swim!
He's the best buddy a girl could ask for
These kind of Papas are hard to find anymore!
My mommy was his "Little Squirrel"
and I'm his "Little Sophie Girl."
If you want his attention you better get in line
But it's not gonna happen cause Papa's ALL MINE!

Something's up with my camera... So I'll post pics of the card later. And if you're wondering, "Cheesy Chuck's" isn't a typo. That's what Sophie and my dad call it. It's their favorite place for a date!

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